Month: June 2021

How to watch the AirAsia show in English, Mandarin, Thai, and Indonesian

This is how you can watch the 2018 AirAsia Show in English and Mandarin, Malaysian and Indonesian.First, head to the airshow’s website,, click on the English version of the website and scroll down to AirAsia’s official English channel.The channel is the official English-language channel for AirAsia and it will stream live in English on […]

Melbourne’s 2020 fashion show promises to be one of the biggest in the world

Melbourne’s 2030 fashion show will be the biggest of its kind in the west and will feature more than 100 designers from all over the world, including several from Australia, according to the event’s organisers.It is expected to be the first fashion show of its type in the city’s history, with the first 100 guests […]

How to buy a Gucci dress on Halloween, and what you’ll need to wear to the show

When the Gucci fashion world celebrates Halloween on October 31, the season’s biggest costume is sure to be on display.Gucci’s Halloween collection is set to make a splash, with more than a dozen pieces of apparel set to hit stores in the U.S. on Halloween.Guccis iconic red and blue silhouette, the signature style that has […]

How to be a sex positive celebrity, with sex-positive advice from pornstar Sarah Lee

Sarah Lee, a sex-negative porn star who now goes by the stage name “Trixie”, is proving that the internet can be a great ally for sex-workers and their allies in the industry.Trixier is the name of a porn star.Tricia Lynn is the sex-worker’s name.Sarah Lee is the internet’s porn star and activist.She’s also been doing […]

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