Digital fashion show in Victoria, B.C., draws hundreds of fashion bloggers and fashion industry influencers

Victoria, British Columbia, May 9, 2018: The latest fashion show from the Vancouver Design Show is an interesting one.

In its second week, the event was held in the historic downtown building on Burrard Street.

It is also the first time the Vancouver Fashion Show has been held in a public space.

The theme of the show is the “Art of Fashion” and was announced in a video posted on VFD on Saturday.

It’s the second week of the exhibition, and organizers are working on adding new exhibits in the near future.

The Vancouver Design show was originally scheduled to run for six weeks, but was expanded to seven weeks to accommodate the increased demand for the show, organizers said.

Some exhibitors brought in new vendors and were happy to be there, but the majority of attendees and visitors were in the style and style of their choice, said Laura Perna, CEO of VFD, the city’s largest and oldest fashion show.

In Victoria, fashion blogger and fashion blogger-in-residence Michelle O’Leary is an inspiration for the event.

“The VFD event has always been a little bit of a mecca for me and my community,” said O’Connor.

VFD organizers say they hope the event will become a destination for the local fashion community.

“We want the Victoria community to come and experience the art of fashion and we want people to know the craft of fashion,” said Pernas.

“I think we’re bringing a whole new audience to the Vancouver fashion scene.” 

A selection of designer brands are on display for the first week of May at VFD.

(Courtesy VFD) The Victoria fashion show is also attracting a lot of attention online.

The first week alone saw more than 100,000 unique visitors visit VFD website and Twitter feeds, and more than 400,000 followers on Instagram.

On Saturday, there were about 200 attendees in the gallery area of the downtown Vancouver building and a few hundred in the hallway, according to VFD organizers.

It was also a big day for Victoria’s fashion community as a whole.

The Victoria Fashion Show was hosted by the Victoria Design Show.

For more information on the Victoria Fashion show, visit

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