How to be a fashion-forward lady in Germany

By Nana FilippettiMay 4, 2020, 10:50:13As the world’s fashion capitals prepare to celebrate International Women’s Day on May 10, 2018, a German fashion show is in the works, to be held in the capital of Hertha Berlin on May 9.

This is the first of several planned events to mark International Women, a global movement that aims to promote the empowerment of women through the use of fashion.

The German government has launched a series of projects to celebrate the occasion, with the aim of promoting women’s rights, equality and gender equality.

“It’s important to celebrate women’s equality and to celebrate their success,” said Hertha Mayor Gerhard Schulze.

“We are doing this for the sake of women and the future of our country.”

While there are no plans to hold a Women’s Pride event in Germany, the country is not alone in the celebration of International Women.

In January 2018, the US government declared International Women Day to be the nation’s most important day.

It’s estimated that 1.7 billion women worldwide participated in the event, which is held annually on May 11.

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