I went to a fashion show in Delhi and saw a lot of celebrities, says Raghavan Jha

Raghavans Jha was at the centre of a controversy last year when he was accused of taking the clothes of women from their houses in Delhi.

The controversy over his actions led to the former model being arrested and eventually charged with “illegal confinement”.

Jha’s lawyers argued that the garments he was taking from women’s homes were not for sale but were actually his own personal items.

After his arrest, the case was registered under sections 302 and 506 of the Indian Penal Code.

But the court also allowed him to continue to take the garments in his collection.

Jha said he had no regrets.

“The clothes I took are my own and I have never sold them.

I’m sure the police will be careful in taking these items.

What happened to the rights of women?” said Jha, a former model and a former fashion industry executive.

The court did not allow Jha to continue taking the clothing and asked him to file a petition seeking a stay of the charges.

The judge also said that it was “not a criminal offence” to sell women’s clothing.

But Raghwan Jha is not satisfied with the way the court handled his case.

He is now appealing the case.

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