‘Kunga Kyaan’ – Moschino – Aukan Kyaa’ (Crazy, Crazy Music)

Moschini and his band are coming back with their sixth album ‘Konga Kyan’.

This time around the band are also joined by the greats of Kool Moe Dee and more.

Moschati and his team are releasing the music in full for the first time.

The record will be released on August 20.

The album is an all-star mix of funk, reggae and jazz that will be an epic ride of a mix, which you can watch below.

Moschini has also released his new track ‘Crazy’ for his latest album.

He also shared the song’s lyrics: “I’m on the road, I’m on a bike, I have a gun, I get on the subway, I got a camera, I’ve got a bag of money, I need a job.

It’s crazy.

I’m riding, riding crazy.”

The band’s new album ‘Crazier’ will be available on September 1.

Watch the video for Moschani’s ‘Crying Song’ below.

Read: Moschinos album ‘Sons of Moschina’ is now available on Spotify!

Watch more from Moschine’s album ‘Moschino’ here!

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