What you need to know about the duck fashion show

The duck fashion display at the Stussy fashion and beauty show was a huge success.

It started at the Sydney Convention Centre in late September, with fashion designers from around the world and some celebrities attending the event.

More than 40 fashion designers, including designer Sarah Newman, designer L’Oréal and fashion house Vogue, were on hand to take a look at the latest trends in fashion, including fashion and makeup, as well as womenswear, womens shoes and footwear.

It was a big deal for Stussy.

It was the first time a fashion show had been held in Australia in five years.

“It was really special for Stusys people, as the Stusks people have a great relationship with fashion,” Stussy general manager Kate McComb said.

Stussy, which is owned by Melbourne-based brand Stussy, is Australia’s biggest fashion house.

Kate McComb and her team will be at the duck event on Monday.

When the duck show ended on Sunday night, Stussy posted on social media that it was an “honour to have such a big and iconic Australian company as Stussy come to Sydney to showcase their wares.”

We were very excited to have the Stussys coming to Sydney.

We’re all looking forward to the show,” Ms McComb added.

What to know before the Stupys duck show at Stussy:The Stupies show in Sydney’s CBD was held at the iconic Stussy building.

It opened in 2009 with a theme of “fashion as a social good” and has since grown to become one of the largest fashion show venues in the world.

In its history, the Stuppys have been featured in the following media outlets:The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia), The Sydney Morning Telegraph (Australia); ABC News (AU), ABC News Online (AU) and ABC News Breakfast (AU).

Stussy’s show has also been a highlight of the New Year’s Eve fireworks show in Melbourne, and the Sydney Harbour Bridge celebrations.

The Stuppies are now planning to host another event in the New Years Eve fireworks event in Melbourne.


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