When you want a designer to pay for your style but they won’t, there’s no other way

A fashion designer who wants to pay her designer for her work will have to start by negotiating the design contract first.

But, there are some tips on how to navigate the process.

“When you’re working with a designer, they’ll have the contract that they’re paying you, and they’ll need to know how much money you’ve paid for your work,” says Robyn O’Connor, a freelance fashion stylist and owner of O’Brien and Associates in Toronto.

“If you’re paying $200,000, and the designer pays $100,000 or so, then they’ll know how many pieces you’ve got to pay to them.”

In order to negotiate the contract, she says, you have to know the designer’s payment and how much the designer is asking.

“There are a lot of contracts out there, and I’ve heard a lot from clients, and you have no idea what the price will be until you actually have the designer make the contract,” she says.

“That’s where a designer comes in, and she’ll be negotiating on your behalf.” 

To determine how much you’re willing to pay, O’Conners says, a designer will want to know what you’re looking for.

“They’ll probably ask you a couple of questions about what you like and what you don’t like, and that will give you some indication of what your price is,” she adds.

“So if you don’ like a certain colour or a certain style, you can talk to them and ask them if they can adjust that and bring it back to what you think you want.”

If you don, O’s advice is to ask the designer for more than the agreed price.

“The designer will often offer you a lot more money than the contract would allow,” she explains.

“It might be that the designer can’t find a suitable colour for you, or maybe they want to offer you the same colour as the designer who designed it, or they can’t match the design to the fabric.”

In the end, you’ll have to negotiate on your own.

“I’m pretty sure a lot designers, when they negotiate with designers, they get really frustrated because they don’t know what the designer wants, and it doesn’t go well,” O’ Connor says.

If you do negotiate, she advises, “you should always negotiate with the designer first, and if you can’t, you should ask for an explanation of the contract.”

What to look for in a designer contract for a designer designer contract can vary from designer to designer.

If you’re a new designer, it might be easier to negotiate a contract with a friend or relative, but if you’re already a designer yourself, you might want to consider consulting with an attorney.

While O’Connors advice is the best, if you want to negotiate with a big name designer, you could also seek out someone who is more experienced in the industry. 

“I know that the fashion industry is a very competitive one, and a lot people don’t have a lot to lose,” O Conners says.

She recommends consulting with a lawyer or stylist who specializes in the business, and also looking into what their client has negotiated.

What to ask a designer How to negotiate for a contract a designer with a name like Vera Wang or Calvin Klein has to pay can be a bit daunting.

You might want a simple negotiation: “Tell me how much is this price?” 

“What’s your desired outcome?”

“What do you want me to do to make it happen?”

“What do I want you to do?”

“Why do you need to pay me so much?”

“Why do I have to pay you so much money?”

“How do you think this will work?”

How to negotiate over phone The negotiation process is a lot like a negotiation, in that you have two options: you can take your time to talk it out, or you can start with a formal statement, like this one: “Here’s what I’d like to see in your contract.” 

“This is what I think is reasonable.”

“Here are my concerns about this contract.”

“Here are some things that I would like to add to this contract to address these concerns.”

Once you’ve reached an agreement, you’re ready to go. 

To make the most of a designer’s time, it’s important to listen to their concerns and suggestions. 

“You can’t negotiate for the designer if you know they’re going to say no,” says O’ Connors. 

You can also ask the designers for specific questions.

“Do you think they’ll be happy with the color I use?” 

How can I get in touch with the client to see if there are any special features I’d want to see added? 

If you can negotiate on the phone, you may find yourself asking the designer

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