Which male celebs would you want to fuck?

When it comes to male celebers, it seems as if we can’t go wrong with Justin Bieber.

He is a celebrity and he is in a genre where every guy in a million is looking to have a great time and be sexy and have a good time.

He’s also got the money, and he can afford to do whatever he wants.

He even has a girlfriend, Rihanna.

So he is definitely one of the hottest guys around, and a lot of people are trying to emulate him.

And he can be a very sexy man.

What about his girlfriends?

Well, he’s been known to have affairs with some of them.

He can get away with that sometimes.

We all know that the more sex a guy has, the more likely he is to fuck someone else.

That said, it’s really hard to be a good lover for someone who’s already got that much money and a ton of women around.

So who would you wanna fuck?

Who has been the sexiest man around?

Here are our picks.


Justin Bieber The 21-year-old pop star has been with his girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, since 2011.

She is 21 and he’s 23.

He has been a couple of times with Jenner, and in one video he said that he has been to their house more times than he has with other women.

Bieber also has been known for being a bit of a party animal, but he has not been caught doing any illegal drugs.

And despite his fame, he has only been seen with one other woman, 21-old model Kristina Rose.

He claims to be single, and that he wants to get married someday.

His Instagram account says he has a daughter named Hope.

Bieber is the latest in a long line of Hollywood stars who are rumored to have been on the receiving end of a hot-and-trending sex tape, according to the New York Post.

He tweeted out a picture of himself and his girlfriend in front of a beach, and it was captioned, “My new best friend is back!



Rihanna Rihanna is not the only one who’s been accused of getting hot and bothered.

In 2015, she was photographed with two men who looked like they were about to kiss her.

They got into a heated argument, and she told them to leave.

She then said, “I don’t need your kiss anymore.

I’m not interested in your kiss.

I want my boobs.”

The photos of Rihanna’s boyfriend and two of her closest friends went viral.

Rihana’s boyfriend has since claimed that Rihanna had told him that he needed to get over his relationship with the model and the fact that she was dating another man.

Rihna has denied that she had said anything like that.


Rih Rihanna was reportedly seen in a video with the former model James Deen in 2015, which has since been removed from YouTube.

But Deen is still very popular on Instagram, where his posts are frequently viewed more than 30 million times a day.

He was also in a hot and horny video with Kim Kardashian, where he was seen kissing the model while she was wearing a thong.

But it’s not all bad news for the couple.

In a 2015 interview with Us Weekly, Deen said, Rihana and he are now a couple.

He said he is a man now and she is a woman.


Jason Segel Jason Seel is an actor, actor and comedian who is best known for his roles in the movies “The Amazing Spider-Man” and “The Hangover.”

He is best-known for his role as an ex-con in the film “The Long Goodbye.”

He also starred in the series “Glee” and was recently seen in the Netflix series “The Last Man on Earth.”

He has also appeared in numerous other movies, including “Empire” and the new “The Mindy Project.”

Seel has been married to actress Stephanie Hannon since 2003.


John Stamos John Stamov is the president of NBC Entertainment and currently serves as a co-executive producer of the hit comedy “The Office.”

He was born in Los Angeles and is a Los Angeles native.

He graduated from the University of Southern California in 1997 and attended UCLA for two years.

He also played basketball at USC.

In 2004, he was the first-ever actor to play an actual football player in “American Idol,” which was based on the popular television show “Cheers.”

He won three Oscars in 2006 and 2008 for his portrayal of George Washington on the NBC sitcom “The Price Is Right.”


Adam Levine Adam Levine, the writer of “American Horror Story,” “Gossip Girl,” “Happily Ever After” and other popular TV shows, has been in a relationship with actress Kristin Chenoweth since 2011, and they have two

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