A girl’s dress from LA to Paris:  TLC  in pictures

A couple of years ago, I wrote about how a little girl named Tyla had a dress she wore to a school function.

She had taken a photo of the dress on her phone and sent it to the designer of the school function and they had to send it to her.

Tylanah, who was then 10 years old, was devastated and cried when she learned that the dress had been sold to a store in the US.

I wrote about the dress, which was sold to Tylas school function, and what the dress meant to her parents.

But I also wrote about her dress in LA, which her parents and I visited last year, and how it has become one of her favorite items of clothing.

She is wearing it in front of the LA Unified School District.

And now, in a few photos from last year’s LA fashion show held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, Tylalah has a piece of clothing that she thinks was a dress from a dress show.

It is called the Tylas LA Style Show Dress.

Tylalahs mom, Jessica, says that she was so excited to wear it.

“I love it,” she said.

“I wanted to wear the dress.”

“We were all excited because we were all looking for dresses,” Tylala said.

Tylala was in LA for her school function last year and the fashion show was going on at her school.

The school is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and the dress was hanging in the hallway.

As we walked to the main room, Jessica and Tylana were sitting in a circle, and Tala was wearing the dress.

After seeing it, she said she had to tell her mom what was going to happen to it.

“I was like, ‘This is the dress,'” Jessica said. 

Talia was shocked.

Her mother was like that.

A few minutes later, Tala said she told Jessica she was going get a dress, and that Jessica should get a new dress. 

The school was in the school district, and they said it was a fashion show and the school could sell it.

Jessica had already been told she could sell the dress and her parents could not get a refund.

Tala’s mother says that it took her a long time to get a phone call from Tylazanah.

They said that Tylashans dress would go on sale.

When Jessica and her family heard that, they were shocked.

They were like, “We don’t have anything.

It’s just a dress.””

We got that dress back from the store and we were like ‘We just can’t sell it,'” Jessica explained.

Jessica told The Sports Bible that the school would not give a refund to Jessica and that she did not want to give the dress back.

Talia said that her mother said they should get her a new one, but they did not have the money.

Tylon said that the family did not expect that the gown would be so popular.

“They said, ‘You should have worn it more,'” Tylon said.

“It just was something I had always wanted,” Tylon added.

In some ways, it was like a Christmas present.

Tymana, Tlynas father, said that he was excited to finally get the dress to wear with his daughter.

He said that his daughter had been wanting to wear a dress for a long while. 

“It was something she had always had in mind and always wanted to do,” Tymana said.

Tlamas parents were surprised at the dress as well.

My mom had been talking about buying a dress before she had the dress that she wore for the school event.

And then she saw this dress and she had never been able to buy it because it was sold in the stores and she couldn’t go in the store to buy one. 

And it was just a gift for my sister.

Tlynas mother said that she and her sister had talked about going to the mall and buying it, but that Tyleas mother and the sister did not know that TLC had sold it.

The dress was a gift from a fashion designer that Tlimas mother was not even able to find.

So Tylanas parents are trying to find a fashion brand that they can purchase for Tylals family.

To learn more about the story of Tylalya, see the following stories: The Sport Bible, The Daily Mail, ESPN, Bachelorette, WWE, Vanderbilt, CBS, Sports Illustrated, CNET, Associated Press, Mashable, Instagram, NBC, CNN, Huff

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