Alyssa Milano to headline ‘Vogue Fashion Show’ on VH1 News Channel

Alyssah Milano will headline her first Vogue Fashion show on Vh1 News channel, the network announced Wednesday.

Milano, who is also a Vogue editor-in-chief, will appear on a special edition of “Vogue Style: Vogue” on Feb. 7.

The show will air exclusively on Vulture.

Milana is the only new Vogue Vogue model to appear on the VH 1-produced series.

Vogue will air the first episode on March 22.

In addition, Vogue has renewed its Vogue Style award for the fifth year in a row for Milano.

“The Vogue Show” is the first new VH series to air in 2017, and marks the first time the magazine has produced a new VD series since the debut of “Dirty Dancing.”

The show features the latest fashion trends from Vogue editors, celebrities, and models.

VH is the largest fashion network in the U.S., with more than 2,000 employees in more than 150 countries and territories.

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