How fashion designers are using technology to help create better clothes – “Fashion designers can create a brand that’s not just about clothes, but a lifestyle brand,” writes one fashion industry analyst.

And as a result, the future of fashion looks brighter.

“Fashions are about fashion and technology are about tech,” says Krista Fuhrmann, founder of the fashion-focused consultancy Fashioning Tech.

“So it’s really about the intersection between the two.

I think technology is always going to be in the forefront of our fashion and tech world.”

So why are fashion designers doing this?

Fuhmings perspective on the topic is one that she’s taken to heart over the years.

“I’ve been doing this for 20 years, and the idea of creating the world’s most innovative clothing in the future has always been a real dream,” she says.

“You don’t want to make a fashion statement, you want to create something that is comfortable, thoughtful and timeless.”

Fuhrmings theory on how fashion designers should approach technology is as simple as it gets.

“Technology is not something we should be doing on our own, so the best thing to do is make technology work with the fashion,” she explains.

“We need to embrace it.”

Tech-savvy designers who understand the technology behind the clothes and are working to bring it to the table know that the technology can also be used to create the clothes that are in their own lives.

Fuhrs point to fashion-inspired wearable tech as an example of a designer working to make their brand feel more contemporary.

“As designers, we need to be aware of the technology that’s in the fabric,” she adds.

“If you can make your clothing feel more wearable, then it feels more contemporary, and that means it can work better in the modern age.”

Fushmans team is working to take that tech into the real world.

“The most exciting thing about our clothing is the idea that it’s a wearable, functional, and sustainable way to express yourself,” she notes.

“It’s about empowering you to express your own style.”

So what is that process like?

Fushman has a couple of key challenges for her team: “One, it’s hard to do in a way that doesn’t break the fabric, and two, it takes time and effort to get the technology to work well,” she admits.

Fushmings team has been working on their clothes in a number of different ways to ensure that the garments are comfortable and functional.

“They’re also all handmade,” she continues.

“This means they’re very customisable.”

The team uses fabrics sourced from a local clothing shop, and each piece of the garments is carefully made to order.

“One of the biggest challenges is that we’re working with the textile industry and they’re really slow to change, so we’re constantly changing,” Fuhrnas team member explains.

Fussing technology is the best solution for this.

“There’s a very high quality of technology and fabric that is used, but the process is incredibly time-consuming and expensive,” she states.

Fumbrings team uses the Dabbers technology to make the clothes in her own shop, in a small space in the heart of London’s Canary Wharf. “

Instead we’re using a machine called Dabber that’s designed to be able to replicate a lot of what we do.”

Fumbrings team uses the Dabbers technology to make the clothes in her own shop, in a small space in the heart of London’s Canary Wharf.

“Our goal is to create clothing that feels contemporary and feels beautiful,” Fufrmans team says.

Fum brings a few more design elements to the conversation as well.

“What’s interesting about the Dabs technology is that it uses an array of different sensors, so you can see the body’s response to wear,” she reveals.

“But you also have the ability to measure the amount of fabric that’s worn and the size of your garment.”

And if it’s important that the fabric is not too big, Fuhs team uses a special fabric to create a garment that is just right for the occasion.

“For example, if the weather is hot and humid, then we have to make sure that the garment is very warm,” she elaborates.

“This technology also means that the fabrics can’t be too bulky, as the technology doesn’t require a lot more fabric.” “

Or if you’re wearing a jacket, it needs to be light and airy, so that the heat from the sun doesn’t affect it.”

“This technology also means that the fabrics can’t be too bulky, as the technology doesn’t require a lot more fabric.”

The process of creating a Dabbler is also time-intensive.

“Every single DabBER is hand-crafted,” Fushms team member says.

But the company is committed to being transparent about the process of making their clothing.

“Dabber fabric is 100% biodegradable, and they use only 100% organic materials,” Fumrings team member states. The

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