How to be a great, trendy and fun French fashion show in 2016

When the French fashion designer Marie-Claude Jeunet first showed up at the fashion show runway in Paris in February, she was greeted with a sea of people.

It was a big moment for the French.

In the past, fashion shows in France had been more of a novelty, a sort of postmodernism.

They were often held in a tiny, intimate space, and were rarely accompanied by live music.

But Jeunets runway was something new.

“I remember seeing all these people coming out and wanting to touch me,” Jeunette said.

“But I’m always like, I’m not going to do this.”

And so, Jeunett showed up with a very different set of skills.

Her first runway show was called The Loves and Loves of Fashion.

She had a team of designers who were able to dress a number of different styles of women, but she had to make sure to make the costumes fit the women in the show.

“They were like, ‘OK, we can make a really long dress, but it’s really not long enough, and you’re not going for the shape of the hips and the waist,'” she said.

Jeunettes team was so focused on fit and form, that she often had to improvise, including the way the dresses were laid out.

Jeuns team put the women’s outfits in pairs, which was a huge challenge for the designers, but Jeunetta did her best.

She also created a series of props for each model, and a new model was introduced each day.

It took them two months to make every dress in the house fit all the women, and she was constantly tweaking the costumes and designing new styles for each season.

The women’s style show wasn’t just about fashion, Jeunget said.

It also focused on social justice and intersectionality, which she said is important for a show like the Loves & Loves.

Jeungette has a number, many of the models are women of color, and they wear their hair in different ways.

They’re all very different, she said, and the styles are often designed to be different for different bodies.

They’ve also had a number on the runway, like the dress with a red bodice and white skirt, which Jeunetti said was an attempt to have a variety of styles for all of the different styles.

It’s also a big part of Jeunete’s identity.

She is often called the “model of the future,” and she often talks about how much she loves the people she meets at the shows.

“We were like a family,” she said of her new team of producers.

“There was this camaraderie, and we’re all trying to create the same thing, and I think it was really good for me.”

The French women’s fashion show wasn�t just about styles.

Jeonet said that she felt very connected to the people in the room, and it was a good way to see people through her new lens.

It made her think about what she wants for herself, what she needs for her future.

She said she wanted to be able to see herself through other people�s eyes, and not have to choose between being a woman or a model.

“It’s a really positive way to connect to people,” she added.

The French fashion scene has had some ups and downs in the past few years.

But one of the biggest ups came when fashion designer Sophie Thériault took the show to New York and the world.

The fashion house that made the show in Paris is a long way from the fashion house where Jeunét was born.

The new designer took her show to the New York Fashion Week, where she showed a much more modern look.

She showed a black dress with white trim, and white boots.

She put in an outfit from the new generation of designers, who are more focused on women�s and people of color�s needs, and who are not afraid to explore styles and styles that are not seen in the fashion world.

“This is a real new generation, and that’s what I think has been so important for us to embrace,” Jeonette said of the new style she was able to create.

“The people are really smart, and are really brave, and so it�s really hard to say what the future is going to look like, but I think I�m going to be very proud to be part of it.” 

This story is part of our series, What’s New in 2017?

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