Which celebrities are wearing the most sexy outfits at the shift fashion show?

Some celebs are showing off their fashion savvy at the Fashion Week shift show in NYC, but it’s not just them.

Take a look at the top 5 models who have the most fashion savvy in NYC this week, and find out which of them have the best look.

The fashion week shifts are typically held at Madison Square Garden, with celebrities taking to the stage at various locations around the city, including the Plaza Hotel and the Manhattan Hilton Garden Hotel.

Check out the latest fashion news, exclusive interviews and photos from the show, below.

Top 5 Models:1.

Samantha Rios-Brunswick-Red carpet: With her red carpet outfits, Samantha’s wardrobe for the shift show has taken a drastic turn, from the traditional red carpet dresses and blouses to more sexy outfits and bold prints.


Kim Kardashian West-Kardashian-Red velvet: Kim is proving her fashion savvy by taking off the black and red for this week’s fashion show and wearing her red velvet outfit to a red carpet event.


Kaley Cuoco-Red carpets: The fashion house’s star is wearing a stunning red carpet ensemble to a Red Carpet event at Madison’s Plaza Hotel, and it’s definitely not the last time she’ll be seen in this type of outfit.


Tara Parker-Pitts-Red-carpet: It’s no secret that Katy Perry is known for her signature red carpet style, and the pop star is a big fan of the Red Carpets style.


Sara Hadid-Red Carpet: The model has been wearing red carpet fashion for a long time and has an even more sexy style for this year’s show.

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