Why do people hate the Flash Fashion Show

Flash fashion show trade show in Amsterdam has been cancelled, after the show became a lightning rod for criticism.

The Flash Fashion show in the Netherlands is the largest trade show of the year.

It has been dubbed a “loser of the decade” by the New York Times.

“Flash” is a slang term for clothing.

The show attracted thousands of people, who turned up at the show to buy items ranging from lingerie to jewellery.

Organisers say it has been a success and will continue to be, although there will be no Flash fashion shows for a few more months.

But it has also been the subject of criticism from some of the country’s leading fashion designers, who have said the show is a symbol of “fashion fascism”.

In a statement, the Flash said it was “deeply disappointed” with the decision.

“The Flash has been an international success and a major source of exposure for the fashion industry,” the statement said.

“Its future is uncertain due to the ongoing controversy surrounding the show.”

It was a privilege to be able to showcase the products of our clients, our brands and our partners.

“The Dutch fashion industry has had an up and down year, with demand for lingerie and clothing down and demand for womenswear up.

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