Berlin Fashion Show: Fashion Week prices hit new highs

Germany’s fashion week is on fire, with prices hitting a new high this weekend with the launch of a new season of fashion shows.

Prices of items that are being showcased in the city this week jumped by 30 percent, and prices for items that will be sold on a fashion show floor jumped by more than half, to more than $100,000.

The season of the new Berlin Fashion Week began Monday, with more than 200 designers and boutiques, and more than 60 events scheduled to take place in the capital.

The fashion shows are set to take a hit from the weather.

Pricing for items sold on the Berlin Fashion Weeks first floor of the Neues Nord store, which is located in the Neue Osnabrück neighborhood, jumped by 50 percent.

Price for items in the second floor of Neues Osnobrandenburg, which will open on Monday, jumped 53 percent, with the most expensive item on the floor rising by 25 percent.

The Neue Dienst in the Ruhr neighborhood also experienced a jump this weekend, with its second floor selling for nearly $100 more than the first.

The fashion shows in Berlin are set up to offer the highest-quality, freshest clothing for the summer.

The Neue Fashion Weeks are designed to showcase a broad array of brands, from fashion to luxury.

Pratt & Marshall, the German company that produces the fashion shows, told the BBC they’re hoping to see more brands coming out of the fashion industry.

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