‘Bluewater Fashion Show’ returns to Chicago’s South Loop with new show

WASHINGTON (AP) “Bluewing” is back.

The Chicago fashion show featuring some of the best of the worst looks has returned to the South Loop for a second year, with the first show taking place on Thursday.

It’s a revival of a much-loved show from 2014, which saw the “Bondage and Fetish” show bring in more than 10,000 fans for a week-long celebration of bondage and fetishes.

The show was hosted by Chicago-based director and star Tessa Blanchard and featured a full cast of dancers and model, along with a line of high-end bondage gear.

The audience was asked to wear a variety of costumes and jewelry, and the show featured performances from some of Chicago’s most famous dancers and models, including Victoria “the Hammer” Trescothick, the original winner of the 2002 Oscar for Best Costume Design, who went on to win a second time.

“We are excited to bring this year’s show to Chicago, where we will showcase the world’s best fetish costumes and products,” said Nikki F. Ziegler, executive director of the Chicago chapter of the Costume Institute of Chicago.

“The show is always a special, and we are so grateful for the tremendous support we have received from fans and industry leaders.”

The first “Briana” show took place in 2014, with many of the costumes from the first year sold out.

The new show has a similar theme.

The theme is “A Costume for Everyone,” and the performers are not only wearing the costumes, but also the clothes from previous years.

This year, the show has been held at a number of locations, including in Chicago’s North Lawndale neighborhood, which has become a hotspot for the fetish scene, and in New York’s Upper East Side.

The first show attracted about 1,200 fans to the show floor on Thursday and will return for a show Saturday.

The second “Brisbane” show is scheduled for a Thursday night performance at the Roseland Theatre in downtown Chicago, with a sold-out crowd expected to attend.

A new show is also planned in the Chicago area, featuring models, dancers and a DJ.

The two-hour show will feature performances by models and dancers from New York and Los Angeles.

“Bizarre” is the new name for the show, and is sponsored by the company of fashion designer Marc Jacobs, whose “Boys Don’t Cry” clothing line has become one of the hottest fashion trends in the world.

The “Brujah” show will have no sponsors, and has been called the “worst fashion show ever” by the Chicago Sun-Times.

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