When Fashion’s a ‘Gift to All’

The fashion industry is full of gifs.

They’re funny, cute, inspiring, and always entertaining.

So what’s with the fashion show that never gets to be a fashion show?

Well, a recent fashion show at the Bollywood Hall of Fame in New Delhi has sparked a lot of speculation.

According to NDTV, the Bajrang Dal Fashion Show, which was held on February 28, was the first of its kind.

The fashion show, which is scheduled to be held at the Indian Institute of Fashion (IIT) on March 7, has been cancelled after only four days.

The Bajang Dal Fashion Foundation, a charitable organisation, will manage the event.

According a spokesperson, the IIT had requested the Baja-based outfit, which has a history of showing fashion in the country, to be banned for a week.

However, the organisers decided to hold the show, saying it is a “gift to all”.

They also said that the show is part of a series of cultural events, including the annual “Glamour Fest” on March 14.

The event was organised by the BDC Foundation and has a budget of Rs 10 crore.

“The organisers of the BDA Fashion Show at IIT, which will be held on March 6, did not get any official response to their queries.

So, they decided to put out a statement on Facebook,” said Rajesh Kulkarni, a spokesperson for the IPCA, which organises the event and works with the organisation.

“We have decided to cancel the show and have a conversation with the organisers.

However the BDLF has not received any response from the IOCA,” he added.

The IPCC has asked the ITC for its assistance in managing the event, but it has yet to respond.

Kulkarki also added that the BNDB, which owns the venue, has taken care of the costs and is working towards its “fair and reasonable” admission fees.

But the event has been met with outrage by some people, who said it was not a fashion showcase.

The organisers have not responded to a request for comment.

The event was not the first time the BDJI, a brand which has been involved in a lot more controversial fashion shows in the past, was banned from holding events.

Earlier, a similar fashion show was banned by the ICTC for a similar reason.

In March, the Supreme Court of India had upheld a Delhi court’s decision to ban the BJJB for a year, and ordered it to pay damages to all its workers who were involved in the event that led to the ban.

It was not immediately clear why the BDI was not allowed to hold its fashion show.

But Bajrang Dal is not the only outfit that has been banned from wearing its brand’s clothes.

Last year, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government had ordered the BJP-led NDA government to stop buying from brands like Huda Beauty, a cosmetics brand that had not been approved by the Union government for its product.

However BJP-dominated Maharashtra and Delhi governments have been seen as a “good match” for the AAP government, which also has a large following among the Muslim community.

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