How to dress like a 70s teenager

By Sarah StaceyThe 70s was a time of rebellion and experimentation.

The era saw the birth of hip hop and punk rock, the rise of the disco, and the rise and fall of glamour.

And yet for all of the great things that were happening, there was also a sense of unease.

The 1970s was the decade when people realised that being young meant being a mess.

In a sense, we all felt that way.

When I was a teenager, I had the feeling that I was constantly being watched and was constantly in danger of being noticed.

And that really got me to thinking, what if I could live in a world where everything was okay and everyone was nice and everything was ok with me?

As a teenager I was really interested in fashion.

My mum always made me look after my hair and make sure I was looking good and healthy.

I would wear a lot of clothes, I would take lots of pictures and go out in them.

Then I went to university and I realised that I wanted to be a model.

I thought, if I can make a career out of it, maybe I could get a job modelling and sell my clothes.

I really thought that that would make me happy and I would be able to support my family.

But I also realised that it was a really hard thing to do, that it wasn’t really what I wanted.

I started thinking, maybe there was another way to look at things and not be such a mess, to look for a different way to make a living.

So I thought about being a fashion designer.

I was obsessed with the idea of looking cool and I was also interested in clothes and the clothes that people would wear.

I just realised that maybe I was too interested in what I was doing and wasn’t actually looking for the right clothes.

And so, for a while, I was thinking, why not design something for the younger generation?

So I decided to start my own brand and start selling my clothes, which was very difficult, because there were so many different types of clothes that I had to make.

I had so many styles to choose from and they all felt very different to each other, and I just wanted to keep making clothes that everyone could like.

And then I realised I could design clothes for the whole family.

So that was a big part of my journey as a designer.

It was really hard at first, and my parents were really worried, but I didn’t really mind at all.

My mother is a very independent woman, and she wanted to make sure that I got the best job out of the whole thing.

So she put a lot into it, and at the time, I wasn’t interested in being a model, but that didn’t stop her from thinking that I could be a designer and a designer’s assistant.

So I had a really great experience, and it made me realise that I just needed to find my own style.

And then, at that point, I also got to learn how to make clothing.

So the idea for my first fashion collection was based on the clothes I was wearing, but it wasn: the clothes of my family and friends.

I realised how important it was to make my own clothes, and also how important I felt to make that my own way.

I wanted my clothes to reflect who I was, to show off who I really was.

My first fashion show was a little bit different.

The first one was a lot bigger and I started to have a bit more of a party atmosphere.

I got my clothes ready, I went out in the street and I went around to different neighbourhoods.

And I realised, if you’re going to be doing that in the 70s, it was going to look really weird, but at the same time, people would be so impressed by it.

I started getting more attention and it was great.

And at that stage, my mum was pregnant with me.

So, she didn’t want me to have to go out and go to the clubs, because they would have to be really big and they’d have to close up.

But it was really cool to go and make clothes in public, because it was nice to be in my own space.

So we did it, we sold a lot, and then my mum got pregnant again, and that’s when the first big party was going on.

It was a huge party.

Everyone wanted to see me, and we all started to make fun of each other a lot.

But then we realised that people really wanted to look like me, so I decided I would give it a go, and everyone did.

The whole party was really fun, and when I started showing off, people were really enjoying it.

So there was a sense that it had started to happen, but everyone was just kind of making fun of me.

And it wasn and then the next time

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