When Selena Gomez’s fashion show hits the stage: “Bebe fashion is on!”

A brand new runway show at the Bebe Fashion Show is finally starting to take shape, and it has the stars of the show at their feet.

On Thursday, the show is set to begin at 7 p.m.

ET at the Omni Las Vegas Convention Center.

Tickets will go on sale this weekend for the show.

“Selena is going to be the star, and she is going be on stage,” said Bebe’s manager and creative director, Robby S. Smith.

“She is a star, so she has a lot of power.

And the fact that she has been in the spotlight for a long time is just amazing.

Instead, she will wear a black leopard-print gown.”

For the first time, Bebe will not be wearing her trademark beige tank top.

Instead, she will wear a black leopard-print gown.

Singer-songwriter Bebe and her husband, singer, songwriter, producer, producer and producer-actor, J. Cole, will headline the show, which is scheduled to take place from Sept. 28-31.

They will also be in attendance at the show and will perform at a number of events throughout the week.”

As for the fashion shows, Bebel’s clothing lines are also heading into the market. “

It’s the first BebOP show, and we’ve got a ton of events coming up.”

As for the fashion shows, Bebel’s clothing lines are also heading into the market.

Bebe, who was born and raised in Florida, opened her first clothing store, Elton Brand, in 2012.

She also opened her own clothing line, Elvis, in 2016.

“I love everything that she does, but she’s also very self-aware about what she does and what she’s wearing,” Smith told ESPN.

“I love that she’s very personal about what’s in her wardrobe, but there’s a very curated aesthetic, and you’re going to find that on every piece.

We really are in her world.

We are all just here to enjoy the show.”

For more Bebe news, visit Bebe.com

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