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How to dress for the weather

We don’t want to dress like a boomerang.If you have to, however, take the time to find the perfect dress.Here are some things you can try to make sure your outfit will be stylish.Source The Irish MailOnline: Dress for the wind.A wind jacket with the top button down or button-up style is a good […]

How to find a new job in the fashion industry

With the fall season drawing to a close, there are more than 2.5 million jobs open for 2018, according to a report from the National Association of Manufacturers.In the first nine months of 2018, there were more than 4 million jobs available for new hires, up from 2.4 million jobs in January 2018, the report […]

Geography, geography, geography… and fashion?

FourFourtwo – Geography, geo fashion show Geographic, geography and fashion are two terms which have been colloquially used to describe the cultural and geographic differences in Australia.Geographers and geographers are the most common, with the vast majority of Australians having at least a cursory knowledge of the concept.One of the more recent instances of geographers […]

How fashion shows are now cheaper, more reliable, and more accessible

Fashion show prices are now lower than ever, with some even disappearing.But the popularity of fashion shows is not the only factor that’s helping to lower prices.Now, as the flash fashion show trend moves from the fashion store to the internet, it’s easier for fans to order from more than a dozen retailers.Some stores have […]

A Berlin fashion show: the ‘Berlin fashion’ is not a fashion show

From a fashion designer’s point of view, a Berlin fashion showcase is not exactly a fashion event.The city’s first fashion show was in 2011, when it celebrated the birth of a new generation of fashion designers.The event, called the Fashion Show Berlin, was a massive success, with hundreds of thousands of people attending.The main event […]

The ‘Malaysian Fashion Show’ is on the way, but how does it differ from other shows in Singapore?

The Malaysian Fashion Show (MFS) has long been a favorite among fashionistas in Singapore.This is because it offers a wide variety of fashion products to suit a wide range of styles, from couture to boho.But how is it different from other Singaporean shows?The Malaysian Fashions show, which is also the first fashion show held in […]

The Top 10 Medical Journal Articles You Need To Know About Medical Marijuana

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration announced on Thursday that it had found no evidence that marijuana has caused or contributed to the deaths of anyone.The DEA is the first agency to publicly say that marijuana is safe, even if some studies suggest that it may be harmful.“There are no known links between marijuana use and […]

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