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How fashion designers are using technology to help create better clothes – “Fashion designers can create a brand that’s not just about clothes, but a lifestyle brand,” writes one fashion industry analyst.And as a result, the future of fashion looks brighter.“Fashions are about fashion and technology are about tech,” says Krista Fuhrmann, founder of the fashion-focused consultancy Fashioning Tech.“So it’s really about the intersection between […]

Which fashion shows have the most celebrities?

The world’s top fashion shows are a major source of entertainment in the United States.Some of the biggest names in the world, including models, singers, fashion designers and fashion photographers, will appear at these events.Here are the most popular fashion shows in the country and how they’ve affected fashion trends.Fashion Shows with More Celebrities on […]

Why fashion shows are now a ‘national scandal’

Boda, Indonesia – At least two people have been killed and five injured after an Indonesian fashion show production team in the resort town of Boda was hacked and vandalised with anti-Muslim graffiti, local media said.Police chief Tito Sompo said two teenagers were among those killed on Saturday.The attackers were wearing ski masks and carrying […]

When will the new Ciao & Toni show start?

This year’s Ciao and Toni fashion show will begin on Thursday with the arrival of the new models and some of the iconic designers from the show.The new Citta &amp.Toni series will be presented by the iconic Italian fashion house of L’Oréal, and is a collaboration between fashion house La Scala and Italian agency L’Argentino.The […]

Why you should get into the industry, by a tech entrepreneur

The internet is filled with the most beautiful and creative people in the world.They’re in every industry imaginable.They make things, they’re innovators, they are influencers.And they have everything to offer to any business that wants to do business with them.This is why, for every one person who is a tech company, there are a hundred […]

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