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How did the Amazon Fashion Show turn into a fashion show?

The show opened with a performance by The Chainsmokers.A woman in a red dress and black skirt stood next to a man wearing a white shirt and black trousers.The man stood with a hand on his heart.The show was a celebration of all things fashion, from the newest fashion trends to the old-fashioned basics.A crowd […]

How fashion bloggers are putting their brand on the national stage with fashion trends

Trendsetters, fashion shows, and fashion blogs have all taken to the airwaves this season to highlight their brand’s latest fashion trends and the brands who are doing it best.There is no shortage of influencers who have a hand in influencing the fashion industry and, with the rise of the internet and social media, influencer marketing […]

What you need to know about TLC fashion shows in Israel, March 2, 2018

The latest fashion shows, from TLC’s second show to the debut of the new season, are on the schedule: February 20: New season starts.March 2: Fall/Winter 2018.March 10: Fall 2019.March 17: Fall 2020.March 24: Fall 2021.March 31: Fall 2022.April 6: Spring 2019.April 13: Spring 2020.April 20: Spring 2021.April 27: Spring 2022.May 4: Fall 2018.May 11: […]

Which designer will be hosting the Fashion Show at Showa Fashion Festival?

A brand-new designer from the Showa fashion scene, who will be presenting a new collection at the festival, will have to show a lot of interest in Japan’s fashion and be a huge presence to bring new customers to the brand.In a new interview with Nikkei, Showa founder Hiroshi Yoshida revealed that the company has […]

How to dress for a free ‘FreeStyle’ fashion show in Portland

A fashion show featuring fashion icons is happening in Portland this weekend, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to buy some fashion from local stores, a free fashion show at a local mall, and a chance to catch up on the latest trends in fashion.“We have some great brands that have been around for a […]

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