How to dress up as a sexy cosplayer at the Savage Fashion Show

By now, you’ve probably heard that Savage Fashion show is returning to the mall this September, with all the cool new costumes and the usual mix of crazy fashion and fun-loving.If you’ve been living under a rock, it’s going to be a fun event, and if you’ve seen our previous Savage Fashion shows, you know […]

Which brands have the best runway shows?

Raymond’s Fashion Show was the first in the UK to feature an all-male line-up.Photographer: Peter Byrne/Getty ImagesRaymond’s is a fashion house based in London’s fashionable East End that specializes in “modern design”.They’re famous for their runway shows where they feature male models wearing high heels and dresses with matching shoes.The first ever Raymond show, in […]

How Selena Gomez became a fashion icon

The 21-year-old singer’s look is her trademark.While the fashion industry has long been a haven for the glamorous and the glamourous, the singer’s style has been gaining traction among the younger generation.Selena has become a fashion brand in her own right, and she has helped to bring a certain kind of elegance to the fashion […]

How to watch Fashion Week 2018 with The Jerusalem Fashion Show

With the fashion industry now booming and the new year fast approaching, many of the world’s leading fashion brands are launching their Spring/Summer 2018 show on the same day.The following articles explore the many different styles, trends, and inspirations that make up the most anticipated fashion show of the year.In the past, it has been […]

Why does the fashion industry want you to pay for a breast cancer show?

In an effort to attract a younger audience, fashion shows have become more inclusive and inclusive of women in general.But as the industry continues to shift away from its roots of women and girls, it’s also struggling to stay relevant. The most recent fashion show, the #MakeTheMillion, raised $20 million for breast cancer research, a campaign […]

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